National Harbours Board, Port of Quebec
        The National Harbours Board was the administrative body that controlled the business and service operations in major Canadian ports in the years 1936 to 1983. It reported on its activities to Parliament, through the Ministry of Transport. The Port of Quebec was one of the seven ports administered by the NHB.
        Government involvement in port administration at Quebec dates back to 1805, with the establishment of Trinity House; whose mission, besides port adminstration, also included the issuing of licenses to St Lawrence pilots and the responsibility for tending buoys. In 1858, the Government of the Canadas created the Quebec Harbour Commission. Trinity House was disbanded in 1873, with full management of the port being transferred to the Quebec Harbour Commission in 1875. The Quebec Harbour Commission, along with those in other major ports,  was dissolved in 1936 upon creation of the NHB.

Above: Plow-flanger #1, 1 May 1961

Left: GE 45-ton #1, 9 Sept. 1970

Canadian Import Company #6, Self-propelled diesel crane, Industrial Works, Type K, Blt 6/56
Date: 12 April 1961

        In 1983, after a review of Canadian port management, the federal government passed the Canada Ports Corporation Act, resulting in the establishment of the Port of Quebec Corporation in 1984 -- as well as six other port corporations. This brought decision-making power back to a local level.
        Following the passage of the Canada Marine Act in May 1999 the Canada Ports Corporation was gradually eliminated to once again produce a national port system, managed by the Canadian Port Authority. In the process the Port of Quebec Corporation gave way to the Quebec Port Authority, a non-profit agency of the federal government.

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